Lotus Leaves Wall Decor Metal Wall Art For Home Decor


Bring the beauty of nature into your space with Lotus Leaves Wall Decor, showcasing two heart-shaped frames and a square frame adorned with uniquely decorated lotus leaves—a perfect blend of elegance and botanical charm.

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These lotus flowers will transform your wall into a beautiful canvas.

The skillful craftsmanship of these pieces makes them artisanal keepsakes. You can either display the two sizes of the lotuses together, or you can create a stunning wall scenery with these lotus flowers and our lotus leaves wall sculptures. These wall flowers urge you to play around with them.


shipping time is 6 to 7 days
Easy Installation


Material – Iron 100 % rust proof
dimension- 2 frames in 16″ and 1 is in 20″


Note: Handmade product dimensions might be slightly different, please allow 5 to 7 cm difference.

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