India's one-stop shop for home decor
is called DECORTRENZ.

You have come to the right site if you want to enjoy the best of online shopping for items for your house. When it comes to online home décor purchases, many of you turn to Decortrenz first.

On, you can discover everything you need to give the interiors of your home or workplace a fresh look, including paintings, shelves, planters, clocks, stickers, and decals.

Our online store offers the newest and most innovative home furnishings and decor products, all of which are produced in-house.

At Decortrenz, you may shop online at your leisure and convenience and have the requested item safely delivered to your home.

The best online store in India for high-end
home furnishings and decor

Whether you’re looking for home décor items, Decortrenz has the perfect mix of functional furniture and home decor.

You’ll discover while shopping at that the options for smart furniture and home decor items are virtually limitless.

We are the finest place to shop for your furniture and home décor needs since we only provide distinctive items of the highest caliber that will help you improve the appearance of your residential or commercial space. With the support of highly qualified and knowledgeable people, we closely monitor every step of the process, from design and production to delivery at your door.

What Products Does Decortrenz
Offer Online?

You may choose and purchase any item from our extensive and unique assortment of smart furniture and home decor at Decortrenz. You can purchase: based on your wants and needs.

Wall Clocks

You enjoy purchasing clocks online from Decortrenz because we have a distinctive and exclusive selection of decorative wall clocks that allow you to accomplish two tasks at once: time display and home décor. You can find the ideal wall clock for your living room, office, bedroom, dining area, cafeteria, or any commercial setting, whether you’re looking for Premium Wall Clocks, Canvas Wall Clocks, Pendulum Wall Clocks, Analog Clocks, or Vintage Clocks.


Lighting was part and parcel of decoration. Whether it is a bedroom, dining room, cafe, study or any business environment, a room is dull and dark without light. At Decortrenz, we understand that lighting has come a long way and people like you use lights to illuminate and decorate. So, we offer you a huge collection of decorative lamps in the form of floor lamps, pendant lamps, work lamps, outdoor wall lamps and decorative table lamps.

Wall Decors

In today’s world you are very careful and don’t want to spoil your home/office by decorating it to make it look attractive. We at Decortrenz understand your concerns better and that’s why we offer a unique selection of wall Decor arts, Metal wall Arts.

Luxury Furniture

At Decortrenz, we know that most of you have space problems in today’s world at home. So, we have developed a wide and unique range of luxury Furniture. You can buy Designer tables, Centre tables, and Console tables on our website.

We use a variety of materials in our craft collection – brass, copper, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, glass, wood, stone, bone and pearls
( Beautiful handmade metal gifts and decorative accents for home and outdoor decor )

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